17.12.2017 Birthday greetings !!

Happy Birthday to our brother "Too Late" with best wishes W.f.f.W Wolrdwide !
06.02.2017 Welcome new member Tattoo

03.11.2016 Check out Support section

New Beanie hats (Wolfmen support) available now !
20.09.2016 Birthday pilgrimage

August and September was a busy time for birthdays, firstly chapter Nong khai travelled south to chapter Northeast but they were also on the road so onwards to Chainat to celebrate president Beni's birthday on 18th August. After that along with chapter Chainat towards Pattaya to Johnny (president Renegade) for his birthday on 20th August. And finally member Yankee's birthday back in Nongkhai on 11th september with thanks to Chapter Chainat (Beni, Franz and Peter) for travelling for this one. All three partys were celebrated in the typical Wolfmen fashion ! The aftermath as you would expect and we look forward to more of these ;) WFFW..

29.02.2016 5 year anniversary

Wolfmen Thailand February 2016 marked our 5 year anniversary which took place in Nong Khai, with huge help from Gabi and Sweetie the party was the biggest and best so far in this chapter, a big thankyou to our brothers from chapter Rainau, Riverside, Sontheim, Pattaya and Renegade and our new chapter Chainat, also Hells Angels Switzerland plus many more friends, we wish you all the best and look forward to sharing good times. This year we added three new members to the pack which is only more good news and our 6th chapter (Chainat) is now established, welcome to the family WffW.
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